LibJS test262 results


These are the results of the SerenityOS JavaScript engine, LibJS, running the official ECMAScript conformance test suite test262 as well as the test262 parser tests. All tests are re-run and the results updated automatically for every push to the master branch of the repository on GitHub. Dates and times are shown in your browser's timezone.

Some milestones:

If you have any questions or want to help out with improving these test scores, feel free to get in touch on the SerenityOS Discord server (#js).

Per-file results

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Source code & Data

Source code:

Data (JSON):



test262 (bytecode interpreter)


test262 (bytecode interpreter with optimizations)


test262 parser tests


test262 performance

test262 performance per test

test262 performance (bytecode interpreter)

test262 performance per test (bytecode interpreter)

test262 performance (bytecode interpreter with optimizations)

test262 performance per test (bytecode interpreter with optimizations)